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Ransom Bourbon Whiskey

Product Info

Our Ransom Bourbon is proudly made in Oregon. Aged a minimum of 2 years in charred American oak, including 12-year-old barrels from our French Alembic Pot Stills.

Made up of a unique 4 mash grain build, including 66% Corn, 23% Rye, 6% Wheat, and 4% Malted Barley grown on our organic farm, you will experience classic Bourbon aromas with notes of toffee and soft caramel, mixed with sweet corn.

Rich and warm flavors that balance a soft oak influence and cereal grain with additional hints of cocoa powder, anise, and a deep honey mouth feel. The finish has a long spicy Rye warmth with orange zest that gives way to a final touch of malt.

Hand Crafted Spirits

In 2022, Ransom Spirits is proud to celebrate 25 years of continued dedication to delivering Oregon's highest quality spirits, made by hand, not robots.