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Established in 1997, Ransom is celebrating 25 years as an alembic distillery, artisan wine company and vermouth house. Ransom juxtaposes many of the finest old world craft beverage traditions with creative innovation.

Heritage, craftsmanship and a deep respect for terroir are Ransom’s core values.

Located in the famed Oregon Willamette Valley - in the foothills of the Coastal Mountain Range, Ransom consists of a forty-acre
Organic Farm, vineyard and distillery. Barley has been planted
since 2008, and the first vines were planted in the spring of 2010. In keeping with Ransom’s commitment to sustainability and stewardship, our farm has been certified Organic since 2011 and the distillery received organic certification in 2021.

Ransom Wines & Spirits were started by Tad Seestedt. Born and raised on a farm in the NY Finger Lakes, he later tried his hand at New York City living and corporate America and quickly realized that he missed the farm. So he ventured on the 2,000 mile journey west finding his way on the Oregon trail to a farm in Sheridan where he laid the foundation for a winery and distillery.

In 1997, Tad started distilling and single-handedly revived the 19th century era ‘Old Tom’ Gin (aged in barrel). In the process, he maxed out his credit cards in order to fund his passion. With the bank holding him RANSOM to pay back his debt, he thought the name appropriate for his continued pursuit.

Our Gin

Our Whiskey

Here in the green foothills of the Oregon Cascades,  a new tradition of winemaking and distilling is springing to life. At Ransom Spirits, we strive daily to embody our core values of historicity, craftsmanship, and terroir.  In working hard every day to make products that speak to their literal and figurative roots, we believe that we have created dynamic, terroir-driven wines and craft spirits with the weight and aromatic complexity of their predecessors.

We believe that wine and spirits are a celebration of life. Drinking premium quality, handcrafted wine and spirits can compliment good food and add to the sense of delight and fulfillment found in gathering to eat and drink. It is the function of libations to enhance fellowship, discussion, and the exchange of ideas. So visit the market, invite over friends and family, and raise a toast to health and happiness through good meals, conversation and socializing!    SALUD!